Heat Rising: A KinKaid Wolf Pack Story

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Both males ground to a halt the moment they spotted her, their gazes soaking her in from head to toe. She should have taken the extra couple of minutes to put on more clothes.

Their perusal slammed into her like a physical caress, and her nipples pebbled into hard, stiff peaks. Her core spasmed, sending a rush of moisture into her panties. Stop it, KinKaid!

Heat Rising

Get a grip. Her mind raged against her unwanted physical reaction. Evin was the priority here. Her heat was rising too soon. But until then, she would fight its lure with every ounce of resistance she could muster. And for as long as possible. Her mate would be chosen when Ros a deemed it time, not because she was forced to do so by lust.

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Rosa growled and shot the thugs a look that said she was about two seconds from clawing their eyes out if her twin was harmed. Evin had to have been frantic. She lifted her eyelids and fixed her gaze on the enforcers. Kaleb nodded. His prisoner snarled and grasped at the stricture around his throat. The mud-caked thug raked her with his gaze; then his nostrils flared. The prisoner reached low for the suddenly awakening shaft between his legs. Rosa crossed her arms over her chest.

Landry glared over his shoulder.

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She had to be more careful. Stay under better control. If a stranger had picked up on the scent of her earlier arousal, it was only a matter of time before Landry and Kaleb caught a whiff. She knew both males exhibited signs of interest that ventured beyond brotherly affection. Problem was, Rosa cared for Landry as much as she did for Kaleb. Once her heat crested, a solid chance existed Rosa might not have the power to stop herself from taking one male or the other.

But until then… No way in hell was anyone or anything going to steal away her control. The passenger doors slammed, and they glanced back over to Rosa. She dropped her hands, ready to charge in the direction of the noise when a howl rent the night air. Rosa would know his cry anywhere. Quite the opposite. The tone conveyed excitement. Rosa smiled to herself at the sound of the pair out for a run under the moon and stars. Her brother was indeed fine. He had his soul mate, and all was right in their world. A deep ached swelled in her chest.

One she was becoming way too familiar with lately. Maybe a little jealousy for what her twin had found with Mason? Rosa swallowed back the knot in her throat. Ever since her school days, Landry and Kaleb had watched out for her, flirted with her. Yet, it had never gone beyond the feeling of having two extra big brothers in her life. But now…. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as Kaleb rubbed a gloved hand over his chin, lowered his gaze, and marched toward his SUV.

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Her sudden evasion had obviously stung his pride. If she had gone through a mating ceremony before now, the heat that might rise around the age of thirty would have been extremely mild in comparison or nonexistent if she had already bore a child. But this…this blaze steadily increasing inside her was too early. Four years too early. That combined with her psychic ability and her growing feelings for Landry and Kaleb may have escalated the whole process.

It was the only logical explanation. Her longing for both the enforcers would be considered abnormal by the pack. A normal female was supposed to be attracted to only one male at a time. She would never forget the pain and suffering her brother had endured because of his sexual orientation and his love for Mason. But the journey had nearly shattered their hearts. Landry sauntered closer and propped a gloved hand on her side mirror while Kaleb stood guard near the SUVs. Her heart raced, adrenalized by the horrible scenarios playing out inside her head.

Landry was correct. This could turn very bad, very fast—for everyone. Toggle navigation. ADS 8. Jessica Lee www. Tonight was one of those moments. And she had to find him. Except for the fantasies about his partner that plague his days, and the desires for Rosa that taunt him in his dreams. Two people, if he had half a brain, who should not be on his short list for potential lovers.

Ever since she was a little girl, Rosa Kinkaid has had Landry and Kaleb's attention, but it was never anything serious. They were friends. Her family needed her, and they came first. Until now Rosa's going into heat. But that's not her only problem. The KinKaid and Gregorson pack are on the verge of war, and there are long-buried family secrets, feelings, and hidden desires rising to the surface along with Rosa's heat.

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Some will be shocking, and others, more disturbing than any of them are prepared to handle. Book Review by Laurie P reviewer. This author has a slightly different take on the usual story of werewolves. This is book three in the series and this series must be read in order to establish the relationships found in this book. This book focuses on Rosa, Alpha Evin's sister, who is going into her first heat. She of course thinks that she can handle it without help.

And she'd love to have either, or better still, both of her brother's enforcers as a mate, but won't make a choice of one over the other. But she'll need to do something fast, because the deeper into her heat she goes, the less of a chance she'll get to choose her mate.

For the first male to mate her keeps her. Kaleb is straight, he thinks, except maybe where fellow enforcer Landry is concerned. Landry is gay and has Kaleb firmly on the hands off shelf, as he's straight, right? But both would love a chance at Rosa, their friend forever and a chance to mate her.